Ultra-Bio-Ozone™: model U-B-O 240W PLC

For pools up to 120 m3.

Thanks to its patented* injection system, no chemical products are needed to treat swimming pools and spa water. Your pool or spa without chlorine.

U-B-O 240W PLC

  • Weight 44 kg
  • Stainless steel
  • 3 UV-C lamps (3x80w)
  • Production of ozone – 3 g/h
  • Diameter entry/exit – 76.1 mm (2,5”)
  • Height 95cm x Length 95cm x Width 35cm
  • For swimming pools up to 120 m3.

Disinfection capacity for swimming pool/spa 25,000 litres/hour.

For water treatment in agriculture.
For treating water in any area with an average water flow.
Ozone and ultraviolet water purification is effective and has advantages over chlorine because it does not form ” chloramine ” toxins in water.
Ozone and ultraviolet are distinguished by their environmental performance and convincing results on bacteria, viruses, and algae.

The ozone and ultraviolet do not affect the pH of water unlike the other chemicals normally used to purify swimming pool water.

The ozone produced by the Ultra-Bio-Ozone system does not irritate the skin, eyes, or hair (because the system eliminates the ozone, dissolving it in water before its release into the pool), which is completely different from the traditional chemical products: chlorine, bromine, etc.


Example of an assembly of an Ultra-Bio-Ozone™

UV-O-210w system for an above-ground 40m3 swimming pool