What is UV air purification?

During these uncertain times we are all looking for reliable ways to keep our indoor spaces clean and safe without disrupting our lives. Cleaning wipes and cleansers can keep our hard surfaces clean and disinfected, but pathogens can linger in the air, threatening all of our attempts to keep our spaces germ free. A UV air purifier, like the Pyramid Air Protect, can help to destroy microorganisms in the air that can be harmful to your family or patrons. Adding a UV air purifier to your space is a quick, easy and innovative way to promote wellness in your home or office.

What is UV?

UV air purifier lampsUV stands for ultraviolet, and ultraviolet light has been proven to be effective at destroying both viruses including coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and bacteria. You may also have seen ultraviolet light referred to as Ultraviolet C or UV-C, but all of these terms refer to the same thing. Ultraviolet light is a type of short-wave light that you may be familiar with as it is a component of sunlight – in fact, it is the part of sunlight that causes skin damage like sunburns. UV disinfection works by exposing microorganisms and pathogens to high amounts of this type of light, damaging their DNA and destroying them. This technology can be used to disinfect surfaces, and, in the case of Pyramid Air Protect, the air. UV sterilization has been used in medical settings since the 1950s, and is proven to be completely safe and effective when used correctly.

The Pyramid Air Protect is a UV purifier that sterilizes

The Pyramid Air Protect is a UV air and surface purifier that efficiently uses UV sterilization to destroy microorganisms in the air. This purifier runs 24 hours a day, pulling surrounding air into its system and through a series of powerful UV purifier lights. Air leaves the Pyramid Air Protect clean and germ free. As the UV purifier is built to run constantly over the course of a day it
will destroy any new pathogens that enter the space.

Why mix UV and plasma ions?

The Pyramid Air Protect UV purifier provides an extra level of disinfection by combining UV sterilization with the use of plasma ions. The mix of these three types of disinfection processes is guaranteed to create a clean, germ-free safe zone within a two meter radius all around the machine. In order to work most effectively, the Pyramid Air Protect should be placed in the center of any room, which will allow it to suck in the most air and produce the largest area of safe, clean air. If placed in the center of a room, its two meter radius will encompass most offices and living spaces, making people safe in their work or home spaces.

What are the advantages of the Pyramid Air Protect?

UV air purifier Pyramid Air protectIf you are considering UV air disinfection as an option for your workspace or home, consider the Pyramid Air Protect. By combining three types of disinfection technologies it is especially effective at creating a safe, germ free environment. Adding the Pyramid Air protect is an easy way to add a new level of protection to your home or office without generating more work for yourself. It is the most safe, effective and reliable UV air purifier available, and will provide 24 hour protection in your home or office.