Water Purification

Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Compact and Complete Water Treatment Unit
rain, wells, boreholes. Additional sterilization of drinking water from the public supply. For the treatment of water for agriculture etc..


Compact and comprehensive water treatment unit Ultra-Bio-Ozone™ for simultaneous use at 6 water points; ready to position and adaptable to the water requiring treatment, comprising:



  • For the treatment of water in homes with small and medium throughput.
  • For the treatment of water in the food industry.
  • For water treatment for small hotel complexes and holidays structures.
Water purification using ozone and ultraviolet has advantages over chlorine or other chemicals, because there is no residual product in water.


  • Ozone and ultraviolet stand out for their environmental performance and their proven results on bacteria, virus and algae.
  • Ozone and ultraviolet have no impact on the water.
This specific model for drinking water has been developed by our engineers
for effective* and economic** use.


  • Have two methods of treatment UV and OZONE eliminates all forms of microbiological contamination.
  • The ozone kills by oxidation, through a breach of the cell membrane in just a few seconds of contact.
  • UV has an antiseptic effect on micro-organisms – rendering them inactive (no longer reproductive) or destroying them.
  • In the case of heavily contaminated water further filtration can be added as an option.


  • Thanks to its complex electronic management it turns on only when it detects the passage of water, without the risk of leaving a portion of the water without treatment, unlike other UV-C systems of water treatment , which remain on 24/24 because they are not equipped with this expensive electronic management.
  • It is equipped with long-life filter, to be changed only every 200 000,000 litres of water or “200m3”.
  • The operating life of UV-C lamps is 10,000 hours.

4 UV-C° lamps (4x42w)
Ozone production: =2 g/h
Inlet / outlet diameter: 25mm

We offer various configurations: 

Without filtration:

Dimension : 
Length: 125cm Width: 72cm Height: 70cm

Weight: 50 Kg

With filtration the output:

Length: 155cm Width: 72cm Height: 70cm

Weight: 70 Kg

With filtration at inlet:

Dimension : 
Length: 155cm Width: 74cm Height: 70 cm

Weight: 75 Kg

With filtration to the input and the output:

New model

Length: 190cm Width: 77 cm Height: 90 cm

Weight: 120 kg.

Example of installation in a cheese dairy in Switzerland

New: Following numerous requests, we have set up a start-up service for Ultra-Bio-Ozone® systems.

Patented injection system
The “U-B-O” system is simple to install and comes assembled “ready to install”.

Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Suisse.
Disinfection of water by uv and ecologic ecological ozone a reference of efficiency and quality for drinking water and the treatment of SPA pools the system is equipped with a device of désozonation

The Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Water Treatment System

is effective because it combines UV and Ozone.

Two completely different processes, working in tandem for disinfection and
biological sterilization of complete water of high quality,

without chlorine or chemicals.





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