Model: UBO 240C

For pools up to 80m3.

Bathe in pure, healthy, natural water, 100% organic.
Benefit from a very high quality water treatment and control your budget !!!
Ultra-Bio-Ozone® expands its range and presents a new model: UBO 240C
Thanks to a patented injection process * the treatment of swimming pool and spa water no longer requires any chemical.

UBO 240C

  • For swimming pool / spa up to 80m3
  • For filtration pump flow rate 14m3 / h
  • Weight 32 kg
  • 304L stainless steel
  • 1 UV-C lamp
  • 2 Ozone 80W lamps
  • Contact chamber – yes “Small”
  • Injection pump for the flocculent / coagulent product (or other) – yes
  • Ozone production – 2-4 g / h
  • Inlet / outlet diameter 2 inches (DN50)
  • Height 104cm x Length 50cm x Width 34cm

For the treatment of basins and aquariums.
For the treatment of swimming pools / spa up to 15,000 liters / hour.

Today, there are several methods for purifying water, but ozone and ultraviolet light are emerging as the most environmentally friendly treatment.
The system provides complete disinfection of the water without altering its natural composition.
U-B-O ECO offers a chemical-free water treatment at a very economical price, while retaining the advantages of Ultra-Bio-Ozone® systems.

Example of assembly of an Ultra-Bio-Ozone® system

New: following numerous requests, we have created an Ultra-Bio-Ozone® system start-up service.

Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Suisse.

Disinfection of water by uv and ecologic ecological ozone a reference of efficiency and quality for drinking water and the treatment of SPA pools the system is equipped with a device of désozonation

The Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Water Treatment System

is effective because it combines UV and Ozone.
Two completely different processes, working in tandem for disinfection and
biological sterilization of complete water of high quality,
without chlorine or chemicals.





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