Ultra-Bio-Ozone™: model U-B-O 480w PLC

For pools up to 240 m3.

Thanks to its patented* injection system, no chemical products are needed to treat swimming pools.

  • Weight 60 kg
  • Stanless steel
  • 6 UV-C lamps (6x80w)
  • Production of ozone – 6 g/h
  • Diameter entry/exit 88.9 mm (3”)
  • Height 95cm x Length 120cm x Width 45cm

For treating water in swimming pools up to 250m3.

Disinfection capacity swimming pool/spa 50,000 litres/hour.
For water treatment in industry.
Disinfection capacity for drinking water 10-14,000 litres/hour.
For water treatment in the agricultural sector.
For water treatment in small hotels and holiday complexes.
For treating water in areas with a strong water flow.