Lamps UV-C and spare Ozone lamps
for system Ultra-Bio-Ozone

 Price (Euro*)LengthWave lengthLifetime
- U-B-O 120w PLC
UV lamp436mm253,7 nm10.000 hrs
Ozone lamp436mm185 nm10.000 hrs
- U-B-O 240w PLC
- U-B-O 480w PLC
- U-B-O ECO 160w
- U-B-O ECO+ 240w
UV lamp846mm253,7nm12.000 hrs
Ozone lamp843mm185 nm10.000 hrs

* VAT not included
Depending on the country, VAT is added automatically when entering the order.

Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Suisse.

Disinfection of water by uv and ecologic ecological ozone a reference of efficiency and quality for drinking water and the treatment of SPA pools the system is equipped with a device of désozonation

The Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Water Treatment System

is effective because it combines UV and Ozone.
Two completely different processes, working in tandem for disinfection and
biological sterilization of complete water of high quality,
without chlorine or chemicals.




Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Suisse
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