How does Ozone purifier work?

OzoneWe all look for ways to improve the quality of our air and overall environment, especially during these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the years, ozone purifiers have become an increasingly popular method to quickly eliminate airborne contaminants, mold, and unpleasant odors from homes, offices, and just about anywhere it is placed. It has been around for decades but is now hitting mainstream because of its natural qualities.

Let’s first understand why it is good to use an ozone purifier and why it is so effective.

Why is an Ozone purifier effective?

We will start with a tiny lesson in chemistry. Ozone is O3, whereas oxygen is O2, which means ozone is saturated oxygen thanks to that third oxygen molecule. Because of its instability, the third oxygen molecule attaches to pollution, especially the type that causes high odors such as smoke. It also attaches to viruses like a coronavirus, mold spores, bacteria, and other organic matter. The pollutants are naturally destroyed after they attach to ozone, which makes ozone disinfection a method of air purification that is very quick and effective.

Ozone sterilization and air purification

An ozone purifier works with an ozone generator, also known as an ozone machine. These machines create ozone through a simple action seen in nature’s atmosphere. Ozone air purifiers take O2 (oxygen) from the air and give it a significant electrical charge. This charge of electricity rearranges the molecules so that the oxygen becomes O3, an ozone molecule. In nature, you can see this happening after a lighting storm. It results in ground-level ozone that is present at high levels. Its purpose is to clean the air we breathe.

As the air purifier like the Pyramid air Protect releases ozone into the air, it binds to pollutants such as smoke particles, mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. The ozone destroys the molecular cell walls and eliminates these from the environment. As this process occurs, the ozone is reverted to oxygen as an O2 molecule, which means it also floods the air with more oxygen. This process of ozone disinfection and ozone sterilization of air particles is an economical and safe way to create a healthier environment.

The working principle of the ozone air disinfection

The effect of ozone air disinfection is used to generate high-voltage discharge, and a high-voltage corona electric field is created at a certain frequency of high-voltage current. The oxygen molecules in or around the electric field are electrochemically reacted to produce ozone. The virus is oxidized and decomposed to achieve the purpose of eliminating bacteria and odor.

Advantages of ozone air disinfection

The ozone air disinfection has high efficiency in disinfection. The ozone disinfection from the Pyramid system does not need any auxiliary materials and additives. Under the effect of the ozone generator, a certain amount of ozone is produced to kill many bacteria and viruses, achieving the purpose of disinfection and antivirus. Tests have shown that the ozone disinfection can effectively kill spores, hepatitis A and B virus, fungi, and even ozone the effective in neutralising coronavirus.


The ozone air disinfection has high decomposability

The ozone air disinfection from the Pyramid system has high decomposability. The ozone air disinfection machine uses the ozone generator to convert the oxygen in the air into ozone, and combines the excess oxygen (O) into oxygen molecules (O2) after 30 minutes. During this chemical reaction, any residues that are not produced are decomposed. Residual chemical substances, do not produce any substances, to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Ozone air purifier is easy to operate

We use ozone air purifiers without too complicated operations. As long as you simply adjust the switch button and place the ventilation position in the room, you can achieve the purpose of sterilization and antivirus, and it can be operated by girls and old people.

The ozone air purifier is cost-effective

Compared with the use and operation of ozone disinfection and sterilization in many pharmaceutical industries and medical and health institutions, the ozone disinfection method has great economic and social benefits compared with other methods. In today’s rapid industrial development, environmental issues are particularly important, but ozone disinfection avoids secondary pollution caused by other disinfection methods.

The power of Ozone used for air purification

For years, ozone has been used to clean the air in many settings. It has been commonly used in professional environments and is now making its way to homes. Major cities around the world have replaced chlorine with ozone to treat potable water and the air. For instance, hotels and casinos have used it to clean their air from cigarette smoke.

Ozone purifiers are becoming increasingly popular because of its effectiveness and its oxygen derivative.

Advantages of the Pyramid Air Protect

This innovative air purifier is certified by an independent laboratory in Europe. It is known to purify the air and surfaces and will quickly destroy SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and other pathogens. It could effectively be used inside naturally ventilated hospital rooms to ensure a maximum level of air safety.