Ultra-Bio-Ozone™: model U-B-O 120w PLC

For Spa and pools up to 40 m3.

Thanks to its patented* injection system, no chemical products are needed to treat swimming pools and spa water. Your pool or spa without chlorine.

U-B-O 120W PLC

  • Weight 32 kg
  • Stainless steel
  • 3 UV-C lamps (3x40w)
  • Ozone production – 1,5 g/h
  • Diameter entry/exit 60.3 mm (2”)
  • Height 60cm x Length 85cm x Width 45cm
  1. For treating spa water.
  2. For treatment drinking water.
  3. For treating ponds and aquariums.
  4. For disinfecting recovered rain or well water.
  5. For treating water in swimming pools up to 40m3.
  6. Disinfection capacity for drinking water 2-4,000 litres/hour.

Disinfection capacity for swimming pool/spa 15,000 litres/hour. 

Superb installation of a hot tub to “Cabanes des Grands lacs”.
100% environmentally friendly thanks to Ultra-Bio-Ozone™ system 120 watts..

Example of assembly of an Ultra-Bio-Ozone™ UV-O-100w system with a wooden framework construction for a spa